Every new life is something special. That´s why it is so important to plan every breeding carefully.The long lasting experience of my aunt Anne Müller, where I could participate accrued me. And I recoursed to my knowledge, which I gained through my own "studies" of this breed, at exhibitions and through special breed books. And I was successful in purchasing old issues and getting a historic background of the Ridgeback progress. Through the enthusiasm for this breed, I want to try with my breeding, to obtain the good healthiness, the unique exterior and to stabilise the special character. Certainly I wish that I would succeed in improving these qualities. It is my passion for those dogs, which encourages me to invest lots of time and commitment. So it is very important to me, that our raised dogs get to humans, who could afford them a lovely home and an active life. Breed interested people should inform themselves at the following addresses: and

Our house offers much space so we can provide an own area to the puppies.The puppies participate in our living from the first day of their life. Born in the whelping box and when their eyes and ears are opened, they can explore their environment and go independently through a passage to the outdoor play yard with different agility equipment and surfaces.
With every new day of living they learn from the adult dogs and from the older and younger humans around their life. Our dogs as well as our puppies get medical attendance from a veterinary of our confidence. Even a breeding chairman of our Kennel Club examines the pups after their eighth week of life. Each puppy is marked with a microchip for identification and is registered at the VDH ( Germany) and FCI. As breeders we are interested in the progress of our puppies for the whole dog's life.
The knowledge of our own experience is the best base for a healthy breeding. We got to know very nice people through our puppies which developed into friendships.
Thank you for offering a nice and a fulfilled life to our "little ones". We would be very happy, if we could fulfill a dogs dream to more nice people.