The passion for this breed is what makes us invest a lot of time and engagement. Our own dogs are very special for us, they are our four-legged partners and much more than "just" breeding dogs. For the puppies we raise, we want to find motivated dog parents who spend much time together with them and can offer a loving home.
Meeting the people interested in a puppy is indispensable for us and we would like to familiarize you honestly with our breeding philosophy:

Honesty, fairness and responsibility

Our door is always open for visiters, both before and after the puppy purchase, because it is very important to us to give authentic information about the reality of living with this breed so that the expectations of humans and dogs will harmonize.
We only wish the best possible future for our protégés and of course we are interested in how you picture your life with your new family member at best for 15 years.
We also hope to keep in touch after the pick-up date, as it is particularly important to us to follow the development of our puppies.
We want that our puppies will become uncomplicated family members and we know that it can be a long way to go. Dog training requires patience, empathy and a lot of time. Successes but also setbacks are part of it. We hope that our puppy parents are always open and honest with problems of whatever kind and let us participate in finding a common solution.

We take the responsibility to plan and realize our litters with the greatest care. We combine the latest knowledge about genetics and health with all our experiences and love for dogs.
Our puppy parents should take the responsibility to have a good look for raising puppy raising, keeping dogs and species-appropriate activities. It will be your task to make this large, sporty, sensitive, late-mature hunting dog happy both physically and mentally.
A Rhodesian Ridgeback will only be satisfied and balanced even if it's people. Shared adventures promote trust and respect. This allows a fundamental relationship - between both sides of the leash.

Efforts, requirements and raising

Because of my enthusiasm for this special breed, I would like to keep the good health, the highest wealth of a life, and to strengthen the functional exterieur and the special character. Of course, I also hope that I can improve these characteristics. Stable character and social compatibility are two further aspects that are becoming increasingly important in the coexistence of humans and dogs and which I pay particular attention in selecting breeding partners.
Only a mentally matured, stable and happy bitch with good mother instinct can transmit the course for unafraid offspring during pregnancy and raising and the used stud dog should also have these qualities.
A functional exterior allows a powerful, agile runner with the right musculature, a ground covering gait and excellent physical condition.
This can only be achieved with well-boned paws, a straight and solid back, harmonious angulations and a well set of the shoulder. In addition, we pay attention to strong bones and body.

We have been a member of the German Rhodesian Ridgeback breeders' association since April 1994, exactly 1 year after the founding of today's largest german club.
Our kennel has been officially established in 1995 under the prefix SHUMBAZINO, which is internationally registerd by the FCI.
Our puppies are therefore raised under the guidelines of the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI), the Association of German Dogs (VDH) and the German Breeders' Association Rhodesian Ridgeback (DZRR e.V.).
Our effort is to use the guidelines of the associations as a basis for our own high demands on our breeding and to expand and optimize them to the best of our knowledge and belief.

Our house offers a lot of space and so we can provide an own area to the puppies. The puppies participate in our living from the first day of their life. Born in the whelping box and when their eyes and ears opened, they can explore their surroundings and walk independently through a passage to their outdoor play yard with different agility equipement and surfaces. With every new day of life they learn from the adult dogs and from the older and younger humans around them. In this way, they practice good social behavior and are prepared for later everyday situations.
They should start healthy, socialized and familiar with many environmental stimuli and go into their new lives without fear.
Our dogs as well as our puppies get medical care by our trusted veterinarian and are feeded freshly with the support of our nutritionist. Every feeding time is used to condition the puppies on clickers and whistles.

It is very important to us to find the perfect home for all puppies and on the other hand to find the right puppy for every new owner. With the help of a puppy test in the 7th week of life, yust before the sensitive development phase begins, the first tendencies in behavior and personality of the puppies can be recognized and they can be support much better. A breeding chairman of our kennel club examines the pups after their eighth week of life and they receive a pedigree from the VDH / FCI, which is accepted internationally. It's a mark of quality for controlled, serious dog breeding.

As breeders, we would like to be involved with the progress of our puppies for the whole dog's life. This knowledge is the best basis for healthy and successful breeding.

Over the last 25 years we have met very nice people and long-term friendships have developed. Thank you for enabling our "little ones" to have such a satisfied and jolly life and we would be happy if we could fulfill other enthusiastic people's dream of dogs.