at home
on the move

We are an active family - living in close touch with nature. Our home is a restored and rebuilt half-timbered house with spacious property (8.000 sq.m) with view to the Teutoburg Forest.
Living in this our home are, Andreas (*1960) and Ines (*1961) with our children Robert (*1994), Richard and Constantin (both *1996) and Carlotta (*1999). Our dogs can move about freely in the house and in the near-natural shaped garden.
They know our other "farm animals" like the sheep, geese, hens and rooster as well as frogs and amphibians in our swimming pond.
The thoughtful handling of animals and plants is a daily commitment for our family.
We have also sensitised our children for that and they are working actively at the
conservation of nature youth.
They attended the birth of our first puppies and also bottle-fed an injured lamb with me and the dogs in the house.

I´ve been familiar with Rhodesian Ridgebacks since my youth. Through my aunt Anne Müller (Kennel Umvuma), one of the first Ridgebacks-breeder in Germany. She started her breeding with 2 dogs who came from England. A male dog with calm nature named "Sakito" and a very watchful bitch named "Dawn". We kids had great respect for her. Nevertheless, I was raised with a boxer and my husband with a poodle. As my own dog only a Ridgeback from the breed of Anne Müller came to be a possiblity to me. After eager conviction-work through which my husband became a Ridgeback-fan too, we received a bitch named "Umvuma Xana Winnie" in summer 1993. She came to us as a puppy a few weeks old, as well as our other puppies we got. She became our unfailing companion for over 12 years. We will always keep Winnie as a special friend in our hearts. She established our kennel which we registered internationally under the name "Shumbazino". As a further brood bitch we anticipated our new family member "Umvuma Uraya" in 2000. But unfortunately she was sick her entire life and I didn't want to use her for breeding. In autumn 2005 Neli Nyanissa Kibali moved to us and we are very grateful that she could continue the Shumbazino breeding. Out of her second litter in summer 2009, Neli gave us as a present our offspring bitch Shumbazino Dareesha, who developed like we expected to a beautiful, confident and active female. She passed the breeding exam with fun and best results at the age of 3 years and gave us 12 E-litter-puppies on september, 2013 and 13 F-litter-puppies in June, 2015. Now our little Shumbazino Felisheya Latika completes our pack and we eagerly await her future.