Our norwegian kids were successful

Fatouks offspring in Norway at Kennel Adoreas (Shumbazino Farasi Fatouk x Ch. Adoreas Ridged Farah) visited two outdoor shows and they were very successful.

15.08.2020 NKK Lillehammer
Adoreas Ridged Kenzo EXC 1 in juniorclass and 3rd best male with CAC.
Adoreas Ridged Khala also EXC 1 in juniorclass and 4th best bitch.
This will give both of them the title of Norwegian Junior Winner 2020. WOW !!!

30.08.2020 NKK Stavanger
Adoreas Ridged Khala is winning again juniorclass with EXC 1 and 3.rd best bitch.

Congrats to breeder Gunn Tove and owners Cecilie and Maria